What next???

Well, since receiving our SDA appointment date yesterday, our heads have been spinning.  The more we think through our travel and discuss what needs to be done, the more I realize we actually have more unknowns now than before.  Here are a few examples of some of the questions we’ve gotten since yesterday:

How long will you be there?  ( we have no true idea.  Anywhere from 13 days to 3 weeks depending on numerous factors outside of our control.  In fact, we have to book our return flight making sure we can easily change our plane tickets to accommodate a different date and possibly two additional passengers!)

Will you bring the children home when you come? ( we have no idea.  Whether or not we are able to bring the children home after this one trip depends on numerous factors outside of our control.  We may not even know for a week or longer once in the Ukraine if we will be coming home with our children this trip or not.)

Wow!  We do not know when in December we will be home.  We do not know if we will celebrate Christmas this year with four children at our house or two.  We do not know if we will have girls or boys or both from the Ukraine.  We do not have any idea how old they might be ( of course they will be between 1-4 years).  Other than the fact that we will be sitting in the SDA in Kiev on Thanksgiving morning at 9am, we just don’t know.

The more that sinks in, the more joyful I am that none of the additional details depends on me or my strength.  I cannot even imagine if the many details were on my shoulders to manage or even to decide.  How grateful I am to have a mighty, loving God who already knows the answers to every unknown that keeps coming into my mind.  I am able to peacefully (okay…somewhat peacefully:) rest and let go of any anxiety or burden I feel for the details.  God knows every answer to my many questions and has lovingly blessed us and reminded us of His power with the mere fact that we are traveling so soon and that our appointment is on Thanksgiving Day.  He is reassuring us how much He loves us and how He plans to prosper us ( in love) and not to harm us. 

If you are worrying or stressing about the unknowns in your life, no matter how great or small, I encourage you to get into God’s word and remember How mighty He is and remember His provision–you will be blessed as you remember who God is in your life!

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  1. Melinda and Jon,
    Safe travels to Ukraine! We will be thinking of you and will mention to Tommy that you will be over there soon. He is loving his time in Ukraine, and we hope that you will as well.

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Love to all of you from the Boyd Family

  2. Congratulations…Our three adopted Ukraine sisters start school today in America! Our appointment with SDA was September 16 and the girls became U.S. citizens (they cleared U.S. Homeland Security) on October 26.

    My advise, apart from your obvious leaning upon the LORD, do not be frightened by hitches, or glitches, etc. They are a part of the Ukraine experience and they WILL happen. My wife spent 7 hours and 45 minutes praying for the electricity to come back on at the Ukraine birth certificate office. She was handed the required documents 5 minutes before the office closed.

    I certainly pray that you are home before the Ukraine Parliament acts and the President signs the bill to stop all international adoptions.

    May His peace sustain you!

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