In our second trimester … of adoption!

You don’t have to get too far into adoption to find there is no shortage of analogies for the adoption process!  One of the best analogies I have encountered during my adoption reading, preparation, and training is the analogy of a typical pregnancy.  Having been through two typical pregnancies (if you can consider any pregnancy typical!), I found myself instantly connecting with this analogy for the adoption process.  As with any new pregnancy, the initial phase of adoption is chocked full of emotion, excitement, head spinning “what if’s”, and even a bit of a weak stomach. 

The initial phase also includes sharing the news with family and friends and wanting to tell the entire world about your growing family.  For me, the initial phase will usually also include devouring multiple books offering some insight into my growing family (by the way I highly recommend Adopted for Life by Russell Moore for anyone to read-whether or not you are considering adoption–click here to read a great review of this book from my friend, Melissa).  After you get past the first trimester of newness and become more familiar with the idea and reality of your growing family, the second trimester begins.

In our adoption process, we are in the second trimester.  We have about 4-5 months until our family is together and our adoption “pregnancy” is over.  During this second trimester, we are lovingly bombarded with questions about how things are moving along.  I long to be able to offer detailed insight each time I am asked this caring question.  The reality, however, is that we are still waiting and completing some paperwork.  We still do not know yet whether we are having boys or girls or a boy and a girl, we still do not know anymore about our travel plans, and we still have no certainty about the health of our children right now.  Much like with both of my pregnancies, life has a way of continuing with day to day happenings.  Other than a little less sleep and a few more dr. visits, my life has not been dramatically changed in my day to day world…yet. 

Yet…that is my word of hope.  I know the plans God has for my family.  He has plans to prosper us and not to harm us.  I know God has adoption plans for us.  He has plans for our family to grow in a way I still cannot fully imagine.  In the case of adoption, I do not have the constant reminder of a growing belly and a little heartburn, instead I have the burning desire to hold my children, and the faithful trust that God is in control and will allow exactly what He wants to allow as we undergo this process.  Much like with pregnancy, however, I am encouraged by knowing so many have gone this path before and have weathered the process. 

The second trimester is pretty good…feeling energetic…excited about the unknown..nothing new to share…

In my second trimester,  I will continue to get some sleep each night I can, since I hear the plane ride over to Kiev is quite an intensive “labor” without the option of the epidural!