Prayer Guide for Our First Week Away

Hello, friends!

Here are some specific daily things we would love for you to pray for us this coming week.  We cannot wait to keep you updated on our adventure.  Only God could send us on this much of an adventure!

November 22—Pray for Anna and Ryan as they transition to staying with the Councilmans while we are gone.  Pray for Ryan to understand what is happening.  Pray for our flights that things will go smoothly as we depart and begin our journey.  Pray for us to be submissive to God’s will throughout this entire trip.

November 23– Pray for our flights as we arrive in Kiev late afternoon Ukraine time.  Pray for our customs in the airport as well as other details to be smooth and safe.  Pray that we would be so full of the Holy Spirit that all those we encounter would sense the spirit in us and seek to know God more.

November 24– Pray for us as we recover from jet lag and prepare for our early morning appointment on Thursday.  Pray for us to have appropriate opportunities to demonstrate or share God’s love in this country.

November 25—Pray for our 9am SDA appointment.  Pray that they will have two children available for us to adopt.  Pray for our first referral to be our children so we do not have to wait and do a second or third referral.  Pray that Serge Zevlever will be our translator for our SDA appointment. Pray that God’s will be done during this phase of our journey.  Pray for the Councilmans and for Anna and Ryan as we celebrate apart from them.

November 26-Pray for us as we travel by car, train, or plane (depending on the region of our orphanage) to meet our children for the first time.  Pray that their hearts will be prepared for a family and they will know we are their parents.  Pray that the children are indeed adoptable without any relatives coming at the last minute to hinder the adoption.  Pray for God to be glorified in all of the little details that unfold each day.  Pray for our unity and protection as well as for our spiritual habits while we are far away.

November 27—Pray that we have good relations with the orphanage workers.  Pray that we are able to shine the love of God in every encounter we have with our children and the other children as well as with the workers, our driver, etc…

November 28- Pray for Jon and I to have unity this entire trip.  Pray for our protection from any wedge Satan might try to drive between us throughout this journey.  Pray for God to be glorified in every human encounter we have each day.

November 29—Pray for Anna and Ryan as they have never been apart from us for longer than a week until this trip.  Pray that they are sure of our return and are a blessing to the Councilmans (especially Mary) during the day instead of a burden!

In Christ,


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