Court News and Other Odds and Ends

Hello, friends!  Well, we found out today we will have our court date on Tuesday rather than this Friday.Although we are a bit disappointed, we are sure God’s hand has guided this decision.  We are trusting that God knows which judge needs to be presiding, etc… and so Tuesday is for our benefit.  We are now going to take a few excursions on Friday for about 2 hours to tour and see this region a bit.  We hope that will be a great experience we can one day share with our son and tell him how much we enjoyed seeing his hometown.

As for our little guy, he is definitely comfortable with us now.  He loves playing games with us like crawling fast and laughing just waiting for us to stop him from reaching the door. He just giggles and giggles!  We are going to have to be VERY creative in order to keep him entertained and out of trouble the next 5 days while playing with us for 3 hours in the little hallway!

On an adventurous note, we asked our driver to drop us off at a local pizzaria tonight for dinner.  We have been eating in the hotel restaurant and in the local cafeteria where you just point to what you want, so this was going to be a whole new experience.  Of course the entire menu was in russian.  We were told we could call our facilitator and ask her to place our order by phone with our waitress, but she did not answer this time when we called, so we were out of luck with that idea!  We used the roughguide russian phrasebook and were able to order cheese and meat pizza.  We got a delicious chicken and mozzarella pizza that was great!  We were even able to ask for a chocolate dessert!  It was a whole new adventure for us.  We may go back again since we will be here for several more nights.

One other discovery for me–I finally realized why I was waking up in the middle of the night because my hands were asleep.  The mattresses here are much, much,  much firmer than the ones I am used to sleeping on:)  I realized that if I slept at all with my arm under my head, etc… my arm was getting trapped between me and the mattress and the mattress had no “give” in it so my circulation was getting cut off!  At least that solves the mystery and teaches me to sleep completely flat on my back while I am here.  I just thought I would pass along that fact in case anyone encounters something similar in their own future travels.

Have a great night and watch out for sleeping hands,


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