Thoughts on July 4th and Adoption

July 4th is a wonderful time each year for our family.  We love to do the traditional things like grill out, make a trip to a pool and watch fireworks (lots and lots of fireworks!).  We also like to read through portions of the Declaration of Independence as a reminder of exactly why our nation was created and the principles that are important to us, especially the concept of freedom.

This year, however, I found my typical thoughts about July 4th focusing on what our children in the Ukraine will think about our American holiday once they are Americans.  To recap– when we adopt the children and bring them home with us, the moment they touch down on U.S. soil and pass through customs with their Citizenship and Immigration Service paperwork, they will become Americans– right away!  It’s exciting to know that I will be there at the exact moment that two of my children become American citizens!

So, this year, the children we’re adopting spent July 4th in an orphanage in the Ukraine, totally unaware of what July 4th means to Americans.  And next year, Lord willing, they will be in the United States, they will be Americans and they will be enjoying the holiday that celebrates freedom.  And they will do it while getting used to the idea of what their new country is all about.  Bottom line: even though the last round of fireworks is just about to die out for this year’s July 4th celebration, I’m already excited and looking forward to July 4th 2011!