Called to Adopt?

Today when reading a facebook post from a friend, I found this link on her wall.  Monroe is in the Ukraine right now…just like our children.  I urge you to prayerfully read his story… 

“Monroe WILL be transferred in just six months time. That’s how long a family has to get to him.  The institution he . . . → Read More: Called to Adopt?

Want to Know More About Ukrainian Adoption?

Have you ever wondered “what is it like to adopt?” We’ve recently learned about a group that is providing a glimpse into the world of adoption while providing an opportunity for several orphans from the Ukraine to travel to the U.S. . . . → Read More: Want to Know More About Ukrainian Adoption?

In our second trimester … of adoption!

Did you know that we’re now in our second trimester? The second trimester of our adoption, that is! Adoption is full of analogies, but the comparison to pregnancy is one of my favorites. Here’s what I mean … . . . → Read More: In our second trimester … of adoption!

Thoughts on July 4th and Adoption

July 4th is THE great American holiday. We celebrate freedom and we celebrate the birth of our great nation. But this year, I found my thoughts turning towards our adopted children and what it will mean for them to celebrate July 4th with us next year. . . . → Read More: Thoughts on July 4th and Adoption

So … why adopt from Ukraine?

It’s a question we’ve heard quite a bit: why are you adopting from the Ukraine? We’re always glad to talk about it because it is part of our adoption story.  When we first were called to adopt, like most adopting families, we had to make a decision: domestic or international adoption.  While we know that . . . → Read More: So … why adopt from Ukraine?

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