One Step Closer…

My thoughts are more focused this week on our children in the Ukraine than in the past few weeks.  This Wed is our goal date for our Lifesong fundraising.  We have been so blessed thus far and are truly humbled by the generosity of close friends and family as well as casual acquaintances.  God has reveled himself and shown that He does in fact own the high heavens, the earth, and everything in it as He has given us some of His earthly money for our adoption.  Again, I say to myself, ” Who am I that anyone would donate so sacrificially in order for us to bring our children home?”  Quickly, though, I realize that I am asking the wrong question altogether.  I should be asking, “God, who am I that you have chosen to reveal yourself in part through my family?”  Then I realize that actually I should not spend my time asking such a question as this but instead should be spending my time praising God for exactly who He is and what He has chosen to do in His perfect timing!

Although this week is exciting for us as we see the balance on Wed from our 6 weeks or so of fundraising and sharing our story (don’t worry, money given to Lifesong on our behalf after Wed still goes to help our adoption:), this is just another summer week for our children.  Their lives have yet to be impacted by anyone’s generosity.  How amazing it will be when one day we sit down and let them know about the many loved ones who gave in order for them to be brought home with us.  I can only imagine that once they understand what God has done, they will be even more humbled and appreciative than we are.


Just recently I got the opportunity to be humbled…again.   God often has a way of humbling me at the most unexpected times and revelaing just how mighty and gracious He is while showing me how far I fall short.  During those times I realize just how wonderful God’s plans are in comparison to anything I could ever design for my life.  I wanted to share one of those times with you, since it relates to our adoption.

I recently got a lovely handwritten letter from this friend who has such a heart for Christ it is a pleasure to be with her.  As with many of us, she stays at home with her children and her family has very little money to spare.  Upon opening the letter, I found a $50 bill along with a note letting me know the money was for our adoption.  I was very grateful and humbled to see such a generous bill.  A few days later I got the chance to thank her and also let her know that we were accepted to begin fundraising support through Lifesong.  I let her know that I would love to offer her the opportunity to give directly to Lifesong and receive a tax deduction for her kind gift.  She simply said, “Thanks, Melinda, but just keep the cash.  You see that was my Christmas money and I felt like God was saying to give it to your family for your adoption.”  With tears in my eyes I quietly thanked her and lifted up a silent prayer to God, thanking Him for allowing me the privilege to humbly receive this sacrificial gift towards our adoption.  All I could think as I walked away was, “how did I spend my Christmas money?”