Adoption Timeline

As we’ve begun to share our news about the decision to adopt, one of the first questions that many people ask us is “when are you travelling to the Ukraine?” It’s kind of a complicated answer that usually starts with “we don’t know, exactly.” But, like most things in life, there’s more to the story.

We started the adoption process in November of 2009. The process began with the review of international adoption agencies that we might be able to work with for our adoption. After a lot of prayer and research, we selected Christian World Adoption, a fine agency based in Flat Rock, NC and Charleston, SC. We started the paperwork with a formal application in December 2009. From there, we began the process of completing lots of paperwork for our homestudy. The homestudy wrapped up in March of 2010. At the same time, we were completing paperwork with the U.S. Government to begin the process of being able to bring the children back home to the U.S. as American citizens (still amazed about that one– they will be American citizens as soon as they touchdown on American soil!). The homestudy and the acceptance of the paperwork with the U.S. government allowed us to go ahead and “pre-register” our dossier (official paperwork/application to the Ukraine) in April.

So, from there, here are the “big” steps that remain on our journey (as best we know it right now):

June – August 21, 2010

  • Completion of paperwork for the dossier
  • Lots of appointments! (medical, fingerprints, etc.)
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October 21, 2010

  • Official review of our dossier  in Kiev

November, 2010

  • 1st of two trips to the Ukraine as part of our invitation/referral
  • This is when we will get to see which children are available for adoption at that time and see if we have a good match for our family. If we have a good match, we’ll travel out to the orphanage to visit with the children. And if these are the children we’re called to adopt, then we’ll get started with the legal proceedings to adopt them into our family

December, 2010 – January, 2011

  • 2nd of two trips to the Ukraine
  • This trip will come 2-4 weeks or so after our 1st trip
  • We return to the Ukraine to complete the legal proceedings and officially adopt the children
  • Return home to the U.S. with our children!

Of course, as is the case with any adoption, there are a lot of bumps and changes in the timeline along the way, so it is highly likely that this timeline will change.  However, it is the best information we have to work with now and it helps us as we continue to plan our path on our adoption journey!

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